Don’t Be Left In The Rain with your B2B Marketing

It’s a simple mix – and yet missed by so many.

There are five critical components of B2B marketing— neuro-science based claims development and messaging, content, website traffic, a website, and, of course, conversion. These are ultimately the only five that really matter and yet the B2B marketing landscape is like a field of broken dreams.

I […]

Search Engine Marketing in Your Business, How Does It Fit In?

The question is often asked by any size of business: “Where should I put my marketing dollars?” At least one of the answers should be SEM. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in 2019 is almost a default effort that every business needs to employ to be successful in the digital space.

That is not to say that […]

That Time When a Powerpoint Presentation Was the Best SEO Strategy

A while back, a prospect came to us looking for help. Their search traffic had all but disappeared. Leads from the website were halved, and the president of the company had suddenly become embroiled in the details of SEO.

“We only got 13 links last month, and only posted 8 articles about our main keyword. We’re […]

Is 2020 The Time For A Website Rejuvenation?

When was the last time that you took an in-depth look at your current website and SEO plan? With the ever-changing algorithms used for search engine ranking, is your plan up-to-date? Is it relevant? As technology does not stand still and is always changing (sometimes for the better, sometimes not), it is imperative that you […]

A Year in Review: Great year. Did we set ourselves up for failure?

What a year! Congratulations to everyone in a professional services firm that just finished their best year ever. I count myself as blessed because so many of you, so many leaders of firms (whether accountants, or architects, or attorneys, or contractors, or engineers) shared feedback about your firm’s successes and struggles and what you see […]

Is Your Sales Pipeline A True Business Lifeline? Or Does It Risk Going Flatline?

Even a regular flow of orders is NOT the same as a true pipeline, argues Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. A pipeline that in reality is only at best a dotted line – with serious underlying business health issues – is one of the Five Great Threats to revenue growth through effective selling.

Don’t let fear of […]

“Silent Super-Salesman”? Or “Turnoff Time Bomb”?

Stop thinking of your corporate website as a “thing”. Start looking at it as your lead sales person, says Bryan Gray of Revenue Path Group. Is this a person you like? Or even respect? Are they effective or just also-rans? Keeping a website on the team that can’t do the job is one of the Five […]

How to Create a Sales Pitch That Closes More Deals

You’ve made it to the short list and now it’s time for the final presentation to a room full of decisions makers. But, the real decision-maker in the room is not a person. 

You’re really selling to a 3 pound organ called the human  brain. And as complex and amazing as it is, the process it uses to […]

Hey Google, can you tell me how voice search is killing my SEO?

Who would have thought a 6″x 4″ speaker would change your life? Whether it’s Google Home or Alexa – sidenote, at 70%, Alexa currently dominates the US speaker market – smart speakers are moving into homes and businesses at a rapid pace. According to research from NPR and Edison Research, 1 in 6 Americans owns a […]

How Buyers Judge Your Demo And What You Can Do About It

Top 5 phrases used on every demo:

Our proprietary product has the following comprehensive list of featuresOur proprietary product will save you time and moneyWe built our proprietary product with the end user in mindWe have the highest quality product and best customer serviceI’ll go through the next few slides quickly because we’re getting short on […]

Are You The Reason Why You Can’t Hire Top Sales People?

What it takes to get the best talent to work for you, now.

Once someone realizes that today’s B2B buying teams buy differently than the way they continue to sell, it usually creates an “Oh, crap!” moment. The 3 Deadly Cs of Sales – Commoditization, Consensus Decision-Making, and Compressed Selling Time – have completely changed B2B […]

Sales Dont’s…

Basically, if you’re working for a company that sells anything – services, products, ideas, etc. – then the sales team is a very critical component of the team.  They are your front-facing department that can quickly alter the impression of those who know and don’t know your company. If they’re aggressive, it’s a turn-off, if […]

Website Caller ID – How To Uncover “Hidden Leads”

We all love caller ID right?

To me, it is physically hard to actually push the green button when I don’t get to know who is calling first.  Imagine what the power of website caller id can do for your business.  The ability to know who is “calling” could be the difference between making the sale […]

Gerard’s Sales Tip -Winning more RFP’s

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to win RFP’s?

All the time, resources and energy that go in to RFP’s is incredible, and for what? a potential 1-3 shot of winning?
Let’s be honest, when buyers read the RFP response they will turn right to the page “Cost” or “Investment”. Most of us do it, […]

We are growing!

BBC – Bottomley Business Consulting is honored to welcome Bill Kurtenbach to our team.
Bill is a highly seasoned executive with over 45 years of success as CEO, COO  and owner in small to mid sized firms. Bill is a principle of BBC with the primary focus on strategic business development. We are excited to see Bill in action […]

Outside/In – The Real Way to Grow Revenue for Your Business

“In terms of doing work and in terms of learning and evolving as a person, you just grow more when you get more people’s perspectives.”   Mark Zuckerberg
Most leaders are born with an innate ability to see both sides of a conflict, view alternative methods to solve a problem, and maintain an attitude that allows […]

Neuroselling Part 3 – Making It Work For You

In our first neuroselling post The Better Way To Win Business (Part 1) we gave a high level overview of neuroselling, in our second post Neuroselling – Getting to the why (Part 2) we discussed developing your “why” or convincing advantages. Now you have enough information to be dangerous when it comes to neuroselling. You may […]

Neuroselling Part 2– Getting to the Why

In our first neuroselling blog post we gave a high level overview of what neuroselling is and how it works. If you missed it, check it out here The Better Way To Win Business (Part 1) for helpful background information on neuroselling. Now that you have the basics, let’s dig into the nitty gritty…getting to the […]

Salespeople are getting in the way of revenue!

I am sure some salespeople took note of the title of this post (Or at least I would hope so). How are salespeople getting in the way of revenue you might ask?

12% of sales calls add value (What?)

Here are three common reasons why…

Salespeople can’t identify the pain
 Salespeople don’t have a solution to the pain

Salespeople don’t have clear messaging

Neuroselling Part 1- The Better Way to Win Business

Based on neuroscience, neuroselling uses tactics and strategies that trigger the buyer’s primitive, or lizard, brain to give your products and services a positive edge in the decision making process. We’d like to think that we are smarter than iguanas; that the human mental capacity has surpassed that of our reptilian friends, but the truth […]