Gerard’s Sales Tip -Winning more RFP’s


Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to win RFP’s?


All the time, resources and energy that go in to RFP’s is incredible, and for what? a potential 1-3 shot of winning?


Let’s be honest, when buyers read the RFP response they will turn right to the page “Cost” or “Investment”. Most of us do it, lets just cut to the chase and steer it in your direction!

What if you could win more RFP’s?


Here is a little trick….

When you fill in the cost of investment or pricing, add your testimonials immediately before the pricing. You create a neurological reaction that helps the prospect better understand how you have proven to help others resolve their business challenge,  provide a deeper connection to the prospects challenge and how you will help them fix their pain, threat or fear and more than anything else, you will stand out, you will be different from everyone else responding to the RFP.

It really works, the more you can surface the deep rooted business challenge and how you resolve you have a significant advantage over your competition.


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