Is 2020 The Time For A Website Rejuvenation?

When was the last time that you took an in-depth look at your current website and SEO plan? With the ever-changing algorithms used for search engine ranking, is your plan up-to-date? Is it relevant? As technology does not stand still and is always changing (sometimes for the better, sometimes not), it is imperative that you periodically take the time to review your plan and tweak it as necessary to ensure that your website stays relevant and in good standing with the powers that be.

There are some necessary, yet often overlooked, things that you should consider when maintaining and growing your website.

Is your site accessible?

I know, it would seem like this is a no-brainer, but still… “Accessible” is more than just online. Have you published your sitemap.xml file so that search engines know about all the URLs that you currently have on your website? How regularly are you updating this? You should be updating this content whenever you add new content, edit current content, or change URLs. You should also be monitoring for any error codes listed for pages and fix them immediately.

Mix it up!

Is the only content added to your site a new blog post once a month? Then mix it up and broaden your content by adding in some different formats. Things like videos, infographics, case studies and more can add an attractive variety that your users will appreciate.

Know your Numbers!

I’m sure you have all heard it before, analytics! Analytics can help any SEO plan become more effective as they will show the behavior of users on your website. BBC offers a robust analytics feature that shows in great detail the path that your users take while visiting your site as well as give you a clear picture of their viewing environment.

Searching is key(word)!

How many of us actually take the time to do keyword research? Keyword research can help you promote your pages naturally and expand the reach of your listed content to a greater audience.

Follow me to …!

We all want to reach the end users out there who are potential customers, clients, readers, etc. How is this done? One fundamental way to do it is to make sure they can read the signs to reach you. Your website structure must be uniform and easy to follow. It will help the users to navigate their way through your site as well as help search engines crawl your site… fast.

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