Neuroselling Part 3 – Making It Work For You

In our first neuroselling post The Better Way To Win Business (Part 1) we gave a high level overview of neuroselling, in our second post Neuroselling – Getting to the why (Part 2) we discussed developing your “why” or convincing advantages. Now you have enough information to be dangerous when it comes to neuroselling. You may be asking yourself, “I have a lot of great data and information that I’ve been using in my sales presentations, where does that fit in?” Read on my friends, today we’ll cover how you tie your logic and reason together into an awesome business winning, whole brain convincing sales strategy.

brain from blogNeuroselling is based on targeting the lizard brain, or old brain. The old brain is fast, always on point, runs on autopilot and is uncontrollable. The new brain is younger, by about 445 million years if you’re counting. The new brain is smart, it thinks though things, and it is conscious and somewhat controllable. The old brain is our gut, our survival instincts of fight or flight, our initial, uncontrollable reaction to a situation. The new brain is our logic and reason, our rationale, the brain that makes a good decision about bringing an umbrella when it’s raining or stopping to put on shoes before leaving the house.

We react first and decide second. This is the critical component to neuroselling, targeting the reactionary instinct in the old brain and then backing it up with unique and proven data to make the new brain’s logic and reasoning feel all warm and fuzzy. To review, let’s roll through the main components of the neuroselling approach: the trigger, your “why’s”, and finally, logic and reason.

We are often tempted to jump right into those wonderful features and benefits, but in neuroselling we begin with a trigger. Something that gets the old brain to go “Oh! I’m paying attention now”. Let’s go back to our headlight manufacturer in the first blog The Better Way To Win Business (Part 1). In the final example, we used a visual and emotion trigger to capture the prospects attention.

deerThe image of the deer in headlights speaks to the lizard brain – the pain of an accident, damaging your vehicle, having to deal with insurance, unexpected costs, an injury to you or a loved one… Congrats, you’ve elicited both a feeling and a pain for your customer without them having to think about it.





advantage listNext you present your “why’s”, or your convincing advantages.   Your convincing advantages are how you solve the customer’s pains. They should be unique to you and something that you can easily prove. As we covered in Neuroselling –  Getting to the why blog post, you know what you do, but understanding why you do it helps to show your customers why they need your particular products and services.


At this point, you’ve grabbed your prospects attention and you’ve presented the unique advantages that a customer gains by working with your organization. Now it’s time to grab that list of statistics and information. I told you they would come in handy at some point. So far we’ve focused on targeting the old brain, but you still need to sell to the new brain – as the new brain is the part of the brain and uses logic and reason to validate decisions. Your data points, benefit statements, statistics and testimonials are the most effective way to back up your “why’s”.

harder_better_faster_stronger_by_abhijitdaraIn order to best capitalize on neuroselling you need to think about the process from a customer standpoint and make sure you are using triggers, advantages, and proof points that speak to your specific customer markets. In some cases, you may have different proof points or message statements for each of your buyer personas.




By following the neurosales model you’ll master selling to all parts of your prospects brain, and appealing favorably to all parts of the prospects decision making process. This is what makes neuroselling so effective. When you combine a trigger that targets customer pains, distinct advantages that solve a customer’s pain, and data or other message points to back up your distinct advantages you have created a sales or marketing message that should help to drive more engagement with prospects, close more sales, and create more revenue for your organization.

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