Outside/In – The Real Way to Grow Revenue for Your Business

“In terms of doing work and in terms of learning and evolving as a person, you just grow more when you get more people’s perspectives.”   Mark Zuckerberg

Most leaders are born with an innate ability to see both sides of a conflict, view alternative methods to solve a problem, and maintain an attitude that allows you to make business decisions without emotion or turmoil.   This is all because of your ability to have perspective, and having the right perspective in business is critical to your success or failure.

However, even the best of leaders in high performance organizations can benefit from an outside perspective to help realize areas of improvements and gaps that could be the difference between marginal and exponential growth. Most business consultants or coaches base their approach on asking you what your problems areas are and then proceed to put their focus on that microcosm of your overall business.   This may provide short term success, but for long range revenue growth you need to gain a neutral and innovative perspective on your entire operation.

We’ve developed a unique method, called the LIDI System, to help organizations gain the perspective they need about every facet of their business to make vast improvements for increased profitability.

Step 1 – Learn The Organization – We begin by understanding your organization from the inside out, including the culture, processes, and people that make your organization tick. The chain of activity from sales, to production, to customer care can be very telling in identifying areas of organizational improvement. We also meet with key leaders, managers, and employees to gain a full understanding of their roles, challenges, procedures, and how each department works (or doesn’t work) together.

Step 2 – Identify the Gaps   It takes more than simply understanding challenges and applying a quick fix. To truly make an impact we seek to understand why gaps exist in the first, then look at the larger impact they make on the overall organization.

Step 3 – Develop a Plan – Like the stars in the sky, even the smallest gaps that may not seem to be an issue can be part of a greater constellation of complications that could be holding your organization back. We find those connections and prioritize their importance to formulate a game plan. We work with you to answer the tough questions – How do we get better? In what order do we tackle this? What do we need to do?

Step 4 – Implement the Plan   We create an attainable plan that is measurable and specific to your organization. We spend quality time with key personnel to create alignment between your teams and processes. From training at all levels of your organization to developing or implementing the right systems and processes to ensure more efficiency, we are there every step of the way to ensure success.

Real impact and results comes from gaining a different perspective, but it has to be an informed perspective. Quick fixes and short term solutions will not give your organization long term revenue growth. Even extremely successful organizations can find ways to improve by through a deeper understanding and an outside to inside look at the details of the day to day operations. The LIDI System is a proven way to help organizations of any size and in any industry develop a sustainable, achievable and long term plan to achieve real insights, real results, and real impact.

Interested in how the LIDI System can make a difference for you? Let’s have a 15 minute chat to talk about your particular organization and how we can work together to grow your revenue. Give us a call at 541-731-2973 or contact us via message.