Sales Dont’s…

Basically, if you’re working for a company that sells anything – services, products, ideas, etc. – then the sales team is a very critical component of the team.  They are your front-facing department that can quickly alter the impression of those who know and don’t know your company. If they’re aggressive, it’s a turn-off, if they’re passive, they can make your company look lazy.


A winner never quits and a quitter never wins! It can take between 5-10 different follow-up attempts before closing a deal.  Yet when asked, most sales representatives will label a lead dead after just 1-3 tries.  Think of that lost revenue!


Although no two people or businesses are the same, a flexible sales script can be a real asset when working a qualified lead. Be prepared to branch out from your pitch if your lead is taking you in a different direction, but remember that this is your product and you should be the expert on it.


Although most would say that cold calling is dead, it’s NOT! Example, if your company is making use of a lead generation software like BBC Consulting, you already know that this company is interested in your business. You are just taking the first step, reaching out to them, showing that your business is cutting edge.


Don’t start your call with an all about me situation, be all about them. You have to surface the pains of the customer and learn what keeps them up at night, then help them understand how your solution helps resolve those pains.


After the sale and before the sale. You can’t close the deal and then pass off the customer to another department thinking that your job is done.  A good, no a great sales person stays in touch, even when they don’t have to. That kind of customer interaction will set your sales style apart from the guy in the next office and really pay off.

Tackling these common sales no-nos within your own sales style can not only set you apart, but it can set your company apart from the rest.  There is no quick way to cure being known as the company that has pushy sales people who commonly disappear after the deal is done – so outlining these no-nos in advance can save you lost of time and money in the future.

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