Salespeople are getting in the way of revenue!

I am sure some salespeople took note of the title of this post (Or at least I would hope so). How are salespeople getting in the way of revenue you might ask?


12% of sales calls add value (What?)

Here are three common reasons why…



Salespeople can’t identify the pain


2 Salespeople don’t have a solution to the pain




Salespeople don’t have clear messaging






  58% of sales opportunities are lost to “No decision”





Here are four common reasons why..



Salespeople are not adding value, can’t articulate why they are different from their competition




 Salespeople are not able to identify or get to the decision maker



Salespeople make the solution to complex Who wants to deal with complicated stuff




Salespeople don’t have a winning/persuasive presentation


These are all very common, but easy to fix challenges, you may yourself run into them or wonder why revenue isn’t where it needs to be. Gives us a call and we will share how we help companies like yours resolve these issues.